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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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bustlines are suspended or rye-routed and regional rail is running on a saturday schedule. >> we have a team of reporters keeping an eye on the conditions out there for this morning. we'll check in with them coming up in just one minute. first though, we want to get right to katie for the latest on the snow, hey less to shovel this morning. that's how i am looking at that time. >> absolutely, you know, real good way to look at it, just because, you know, the kids are still getting a snow day and we don't have as much to clean up. but yes we did in fact, bus at least on the big snow for philadelphia, and there is a very good reason for it. jigs the last three hour loop, see the slot of dry air that managed to wedge its way in, so while most of the garden state just completely encompassed with snow falling even as we speak ended up with nice dry window, down the western suburbs, southwestern new jersey, even so what that allowed for was obviously a lot less time for us to pick up on better snowfall totals.
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not completely out of the wood just yet but isn't the big daddy storm for philadelphia that may be we had originally been calling for. now, winter weather alerts still in effect until at least noon. winter weather advisory in the purple winter storm warnings, notice ocean monmouth county actually since re designated, and as winter storm warnings, so no more blizzard issues in those particular communities simply because the storm is beginning to gradually pull northeast, but looking at some of the visibility out there, wind still how long, and still dealing with actually falling snow. so it will be wind swept snow as it falls as it gets blown around from the grounds so visibility do reduce essentially going through the eastern half of our region. >> low 30's at best for daytime highs today. windy spots closer to the shore. the snow spots are also closer to the shore. and specially northern shore towns, up in the poconos, you will still see some snow this
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morning, but eventually, that snow tapers off through midday so, what we will fine here is, you know, a changing situation, throughout the better part of the day and honestly again, you know i think a lot of people are probably thrilled they don't have clean up as much, it was a good mistake to have made. meanwhile we want to send things out to meteorologist carol erickson, out in the mobile weather lab and right now in atlantic county, carol? >> it was disruptive to people who had changed their plans because of it, but for basically everybody, it is much better news to not be dealing with what we could have been dealing with. >> salt guys contractors for the state and just waiting for the state to call them to say plows down, or plows up, and go home, guys. >> we showed you one down the road another one we probably
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got one two three four, five, six, there they go, probably got the word that, hey, this party is over, you can go ahead and go on home. >> the bristol bridge area, where all of these contractors, pick the salt up. they sends out about 300,000 yards of salt from venezuela. that's where they get this salt that comes and goes on our roads interesting process white horse pike, everybody knows probably headed on home interesting look this morning what goes on whether there is snowstorm and sometimes what there is not. >> carol, learn something new every day venezuela who
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would have thought? >> yes, yes. >> how about that? okay, thank you carol. just thinking about it, traveling out and about again you looked outside hey wait, i thought it would be a lot worse. this is good thing. roads little wet but you can still travel on them, using some extra caution. route one 476 crews just left the scene two minutes ago of salting this area so traveling 476 route one area, definately working on it, however, you will still finds slushy wet spots. not only there other parts as well. pa, jerks i, delaware, take it easy even though we're not seeing any volume this morning still seeing slick spots. rail lines operating saturday schedule cynwyd line suspended. traveling septa buses on delay and detours jersey transit
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suspended, patco riding on modified schedule. >> thank you, parts of the area are dealing with heavy snowfall just not all areas. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan joins us now in trenton mercer county with a situation out there. good morning cleve. >> good morning, snow is coming down very steadily, but such a light snow flies all around. see right behind me, route 206, one of the main otaries in and out of trenton less than inch of snow on the ground. not seen single plow truck private plows going from location to location to clear out some of the parking lots and this shows you just how light the snow is beyond me see some of the contractors just using leave blowers to blow it off the sidewalk, it comes up that easily, not breaking their backs with shovels this morning. do see an inch or so in the
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trenton hamilton township area, and that travel ban is in effect until at least daybreak governor's offers says after daybreak they'll reassess the situation. stay updated on whether or not you'll be able to get to work this morning. reporting live in hamilton township mercer county, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> leave blowers, good to see. if you are taking the train today, amtrak service affected by the weather all service canceled between new york and boston. there are also fewer trains running between washington and new york. erika? >> dodged a bullet here, knotter. 60 million people are waking up knee-deep in snow new york is expected to get 20 inches orders erred workers yesterday to go home early ban travel closing bridges and tunnels even shutting down the city's subway new york illegal to be out on the roads driving. we'll have live report for you from new york coming up in the next half hour.
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>> first, heavy snow, strong winds, continue to cause near white-out conditions in boston overnight near boston, more than 2 feet of snow is expected to fall in many areas in massachusetts, drifting snow big concern there too. blizzard warning is in effect in the area through early wednesday morning. >> and we continue to watch the weather conditions out there, jan? >> coming to you live in levittown, pennsylvania this morning, where you can see we're still looking at snow, winnie, cold conditions, we'll have all of the details straight ahead. >> all right jan see now little bit, thank you. the mobile weather lab is also on the road as we keep an eye on the conditions, as you head out the door this morning we'll check traffic and weather together. and also chaos at a sit council meet to go tell but. a police officer running around with her handgun drawn after gunfire erupt and interrupt the meeting. see the frightening moment, as people start to duck for
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put your best face forward. a face in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. >> residents expected to finds higher accumulations of snow, from today's storm let's check in, our team three coverage continues now with jan carabeo, in levittown jan, good morning to you. >> ukee, good morning, the snow is coming down at a pretty good clip right now here in levittown, bucks county, not only do we have this snow, but we have some wind, as well, so, this is very fine snow, we take a look at the grounds because it is so breezy, it is hard to see accurate portrayal of the accumulation, but his this area see the grass still poking out a bit. we have just about 1 inch of
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snow, maybe little bit more on the ground right now and if you take a look at the roads you can see that we did have some blacktop earlier on in the morning when we first arrived. but that's quickly being covered up now by snow, as it comes down pretty quickly here. there are a lot of snow plows a lot of salt trucks, out in the area putting down the salt to keep this as snow-free as possible, but it is getting covered up quickly so you want to build in extra time, be very cautious on the roads this morning take a listen. >> slick, slick coming in, like intersections and everything; you kind of slide just definitely drive slow, take your time. you really don't want to fly. >> take your time, the grassy area about you if you take a look hine me that's also what other untouched areas are going to look like here in levittown. little more than inch at this point, definitely come out of your house early if you do decide to come out to work, dust off your carp, will
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definitely need it. we'll continue to give updates, for now live in levittown, jan carabeo "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank youment coming up on 5:13, now yesterday we thought there would be so much more snow, and there was big change that happened. what was that change? >> so, yesterday evening, all the sinned it was fascinating all the sudden then little dry slot of air developed. it was very evident on the radar. even when you look at the wider zoom here, you can see where the bulk of that precipitation is. it is like almost like the radar not picking up on something. but, in fact when we take you out there full screen, you'll see little more readily here if we go to storm scan three you'll see that, there we go. take a look, so you see how there is the dry slot of air? unfortunately sat right up over our area. so it makes it seems when you look out the window it is totally busted forecast. not total bulls. it is a little bit after bus. i'll be honest, you know, we certainly expected higher snowfall totals, in further inland here. but, just because that dry airman and today wedge its way in, and here's what actually ended up happening meet
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logically speaking, substance took over, in other words singing air, helping to evaporate essentially any moisture that would try to dump snow. one thing didn't have moistures coming in, other thing, cut down on the opportunity for snow to actually dump on area. definitely some heavy snow still falling, even at this hour, up across long island, southeastern new england and notice, still going to get snow just not going to be as much. so we definitely trimmed back the he can peck takes in philadelphia, two to 4 inches, if you head into burlington, mercer eastern atlantic county still have winter storm warnings and choice couple every these locations even to up foot heading little further off to the east. so the gradient very sharp. if you're in eastern new jersey you'll find significant snow out of this storm. in philadelphia, though, we don't have too much time left for the two to 4 inches to fall. that's why we trimmed it back. so that's essentially what went on. the winds still issue for us out, there sunny skies in the
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meantime expected, tomorrow, and actually clear out even by no later than this evening. come thursday, mostly cloudy day, and on friday, looking for some snow showers out there. actually we start to see those snow showers picking up as early as thursday night from yet another weak disturbance but, it looks like, at this point, modest snowfall totals. >> okay. >> that's the expectation. >> did i take a little beating on twitter they have. >> did you? >> i'm not the only one. >> right. >> oh, oh? >> i feel like i want to go back and gave you a sense whatever we helped. so william perez said: reason is that you have no clue lol. who else? >> come on, now. >> you're really bad at forecasting. that one came from ann. and then there was another good one. so not the snow we were expecting, more like a snow
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mist. >> oh, snow mist? >> then franky, i appreciate this, said big respect katie first one to admit it was a mistake, i mean this in a good way. crap happens. >> yes, it does. that's the way to look at that time. >> yes, you know, we real dow the best we k i care. you guys know i really, really want to be right. yep, we didn't get it perfect this time. but it happens. >> it is difficult. >> go with the best guidance that you have got. and that's what we came up with. it is just wild-card and mother nature. >> and the models weren't too sure? >> they sure were not. they were not. >> and disappoint that you have less to shovel? oh no, really was hoping coy get a good work out and suffer a minor heart a grabbing glad you put it out there. that's right. >> all right vittoria, good morning. >> katie? >> you throughout, tweeting, okay?
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>> thank full the snow really didn't take control over us that much. in regard to your roadways, because you can still travel on the pa majors, as you will notice, 59 right around the philadelphia international airport, still wide open for you, unfortunately we had over 850 concellations at the airport, still want to call ahead, call your airline before you head out there. let's talk about new jersey, so there is still a state-wide ban, a travel ban, on new jersey connecticut, new york, so you really can't and you shouldn't be traveling on our new jersey majors, as well as new york and connecticut. majors at this time. so we will still wait for that, for that ban, to be lifted. we'll let you know they do call for that. septa regional rails still running on saturday schedule, cynwyd line is suspended and new jersey trans sit still suspended across the board ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank you steam coverage continues over at philadelphia international airport where most flights are canceled. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer over there. nicole, good morning.
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>> i didn't hear anything you said but live at the philadelphia international airport. so far we're told moles of the flights are canceled, which is bad news for these guys. >> ii don't know your names but trying get to salt lake city? >> yes. >> what's happening? >> not entirely sure. we seem to be book on a delta flight tomorrow morning. but we've been told that our luggage won't be there. >> oh? >> which -- >> not good news? >> not good news at all. >> oh, you're going ski how exciting for you. but what's going to happen? where are you going to spend the day if, in fact, your flight doesn't fly out until tomorrow? >> at a hotel around the corner. we have just come in here in the hope of getting our luggage back. we've now been told, no, you can't get your luggage back. and it won't arrive probably with you when you get to salt lake, if you go delta tomorrow
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morning. >> got it. >> so we've come here to see -- >> trying to get those bags, i don't blame you not at all. good luck to you we hope you get where ever you are going safely, one of many flights canceled today. still the case, haven't received official word at the airport that they are planning to restore flights. the latest from the philadelphia international airport, back to you in the studio. >> such a frustration! >> oh, ya, and skis are expensive if they're traveling with no skis. >> and just sitting in the lodge. >> like losing my golf bag. uh-huh, not happening! >> hey, if you have trouble checking facebook overnight. we'll let you know what caused the social media site to shut down. >> pilot uses a parachute. check it out to land his plane in the middle of the ocean. now, we're hearing from that pilot about his scare at sea details on that when we return.
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in case were you wondering, facebook and instagram up and running again. both social networks down world-wide for roughly 45 minute overnight. the outage shifted the conversation to twitter. group of hackers claimed responsibility for the outage, but facebook just blamed technical problems. everything, though, once again, is okay now. time right now 5:21. and the national transportation safety board is investigating why two planes went down off the coast hawaii just within a matter of hours. the first happened several hundred miles northeast of maui when the pilot of this plane ran out of fuel. he deployed the aircraft's parachute and ditched safely in the water below. the raft came from holland america cruise ship. >> the us coast guard and the coordination on was more than impressive. so they were working as a team to get me out of there medical team, it was great. >> morton is flight instructor in seattle. the company for which he works said the plane had problems
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with its fuel system. >> my goodness. >> czar i -- scar. >> i little. >> snow came little later than expected but falling little bit now. >> on the road keeping an eye on this snow. so will it affect your commute? we'll check traffic and weather together on the 3's that's coming up next.
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>> some folks waking up this morning probably scratching their head. >> or cursing at the screen right now, where is all of the snow we were supposed to see? i know, so here's what happened guys. there was basically just very simple reason, that was incredibly difficult to forecast for. let's go out to storm scan, we'll show you what it was. look at the dry air. three-hour loop. for the last three hours, good chunk of the delaware valley hasn't seen much of anything in the way of snow. >> we're still going to find the snow, and makes for
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hazards us travel through the rest of the day here, but it will gradually get better. later tonight i'm wore bid refreezing out there so you can't go out assume that just because we didn't see the huge snow's that it is going to be a cake walk for you getting into work today. so be careful thursday night another rounds of light snow in the forecast, talking about this, me and the gang, sort of the weather where more incidents happen because you really can't see how dangerous the roads are because you're not seeing too much snow. but it is slick out there and we definitely advise to you use extra caution. take a lock at the vine street expressway, not seeing snow, but it is wet and it is slick, so do you want it approach this roadway and any roadway again with extra caution for your own safety, new jersey still dealing with travel ban eastbound side of the pa turnpike approaching lancaster, do have vehicle fire, be minds full of that. septa regional rail lines operating on saturday
5:26 am
schedule. the cynwyd line has been suspended, also, going to see septa buses delayed, new jersey transit, and dart anticipate delays, ukee? >> and the flyers take on arizona tonight in south philly, the teams have not played since a week ago the all-star break kept a lot of the flyers off the ice the fly guys will have to play without zach rinaldo has been suspended for eight games pittsburgh list last week, has been suspended twice before for illegal hits. some hoop now, sixers ran into anthony davis last night anthony oh anthony had it going on that's the number one draft pick of 2012 showing off all parts every his game last night in new orleans, 32 points, and the pelicans beat the sixers 99 to 74. the building process took big hit. sixers lost six in a row. got to break that skid tomorrow night against the pistons in south philly.
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thank you coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", team of reporters all across the region, tracking this morning's snow. the situation though, much worse in new york, and boston, looking live right now see that snow flying, we're going live therefore an update on the northeast blizzard coming up. and, vittoria and katie return they've got traffic and weather together in our area see traffic moving nightly on your screen. details on your forecast and how the roads are looking in just two minutes. we
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>> not the huge storm we talked about, but the snow is falling in levittown, bucks county, and could make the roads a little slick. don't go fast just because you think the roads are clear. when so many accidents happen. so still be cautious out there. >> the road crews are definitely out there. i stopped off this morning went to the side of the road and took picture with a couple
5:30 am
of road crew guys. >> snapping selfies at the we early hours of the morning. >> it is on my facebook page, ed tom thanks so much, and all of the crews around the tri-state area. >> a loft us waking up looking out the window wondering how much snow will we see? >> i'm calling it a wild-card that mother night your decided to pull it out in the poker game the dry shout of air that ended upset link in over real big portion of the delaware valley, what i want to do take you back in time in a second here. we start things offer with just live look right now how things are looking over center city philadelphia. as we take you out on "skycam 3" and really, yes you still got some problems out there, but we were talking yesterday six to 12 inches every snow, what the heck happened? to storm scam three i'll show you what happened, unfortunately hard to forecast. >> this back in time here guys six 7:00 p.m. or so, look at how things start to


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